Recent CIPD research has found that 58% of graduates are in non-graduate jobs and many non- graduates are struggling to access the right support and make apprenticeships work.

Verastar are pleased to be investing in young people, offering support and providing work experience across a number of departments within the business including IT, customer service and project management.

Supporting young people

The Verastar Graduate Management Program (GMP) has given graduates the opportunity to use the skills acquired throughout their degree in a real working environment. After working within 12 departments and taking part in key projects our most recent graduates have now settled into their new full time roles.

Liam Cooper graduated in Business Management, specialising in marketing and entrepreneurship and is now working as a marketing executive in the marketing team. Philip Reid graduated from Strathclyde in International Business & Management during which he studied in Canada in his third year. He is now playing a key role as a supervisor in the customer service team. Both are continuing to develop new skills and gain valuable experience in their new roles. Verastar has also recently helped Charlotte Kay in making the transition into work. Charlotte Kay is beginning her career in project management; mentored by one of the most successful previous GMP’s to ensure she continues her development.

Verastar are also supporting a number of individuals at apprenticeship level. Verastar have teamed up with QA Apprenticeships in order to provide the relevant work experience elements required in order for Marcus Mallia to pursue a career in IT. Nathan Astbury has recently joined the customer service team with Verastar partnering with Damar Training. Nathan will gain a NVG level 3 in customer service while also gaining essential work experience with Verastar.


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