Verastar are pleased to announce Holly Almond as the latest member of our senior management team, to complete the Crestcom Bulletproof Manager course.

Investing in management

A business’ success depends on the leadership skills of its management team. Verastar is committed to cultivating the skillsets of managers across all our brands. We invest in our management teams to ensure they receive the training they require to provide truly excellent leadership and outstanding customer service.

Crestcom Bulletproof Manager course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management; an awarding body for leadership and management qualifications in the UK. Members of our senior management team are regularly enrolled and monthly training sessions provide support, enabling managers to expand their skills and exchange ideas.

The course is based in Greenwood College, Colorado USA and won the prestigious National Training Award, as well being nominated as the world’s #1 management training franchise by Entrepreneur magazine four times. Its tremendous pedigree means our staff are trained to the highest standards.

Committed to leadership talent

Martin Craven, who is the UK managing partner of Crestcom International, spoke about the firm’s work with Verastar’s senior management. He said: “Verastar has partnered with us for the last four years and our Leadership Development process has been used throughout all levels of the business.

“Verastar’s candidates are of exceptional quality.  They’re all focused, driven and understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. Their implementation of the Crestcom process into the business has been very successful, aided by the support of the company’s board of directors who are committed to having the very best leadership talent running their business.”


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