Verastar reports on the findings of a landmark new study, which illustrates that British small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prefer smaller telecoms providers.

Preference for smaller providers

These conclusions were gleaned from a recent study of 1,000 British business leaders. Crucially, around a third of UK-based start-up owners questioned admitted that they were unimpressed with the support they received from bigger broadband suppliers. Instead, the research indicated that these businesses are signing up to receive broadband services from smaller telecoms providers.

Higher customer satisfaction

It is important to note that the research suggested that smaller British telecoms suppliers are more adept at providing outstanding customer service than their larger equivalents. More than a quarter (27%) of UK business owners questioned said that they have received ‘below average’ support from the country’s biggest telecoms companies, such as Sky, BT and Virgin.

Even more tellingly, 4% of those questioned rated the service they received from providers such as BT and Sky as ‘very poor.’ In contrast, business advice portal SME Web writes, just 16% were ‘satisfied’ with the level of customer service they received from larger providers. Perhaps most strikingly, only 16% of those questioned said that they benefitted from ‘very good’ service from these providers.

The business owners surveyed expressed higher satisfaction with the customer service they received from smaller telecoms suppliers. Over a third (35%) of respondents admitted that the level of customer service they gained from these companies was ‘good.’ Taking this one step further, around a fifth of the survey’s respondents rated customer service from these businesses as ‘very good.’

Sourcing effective broadband

The UK’s digital economy is expanding at a rapid pace. In its latest Communications Market Report, Ofcom found that just over two thirds of UK consumers have purchased products and services online. It is key that UK SMEs receive exemplary customer service from their broadband suppliers, so they can access the support necessary to tap into the nation’s ever-more lucrative digital economy.

It is clear that smaller telecoms services are more effective at providing the outstanding customer service UK SMEs need to operate on digital platforms, than their larger equivalents. Suppliers such as kinex, a brand which operates under the Verastar umbrella, can provide the specialist business broadband services small companies require to thrive online.


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