Continually increasing month-on-month, British energy provider switching figures climbed once again during July 2016, reaching record heights.

June switching figures

Data released by Energy UK, a national industry body, illustrates that UK energy provider switching surpassed the two million mark in June 2016. Throughout the sixth month of the year, 360,000 British consumers changed their energy supplier, meaning that switching rates reached record heights.

Making records

British energy provider switching continued to break records in July 2016, according to Utility Week, an industry portal. Energy UK statistics reveal that a total of 333,653 consumers changed their energy supplier in July, representing in a 22% rise on July of the previous year.

Therefore, the number of consumers who have made the switch this year has now eclipsed the 2.5m threshold. Additional Energy UK data indicates that 23% of July’s switches saw British consumers take their business to small and mid-tier energy suppliers.

Shopping around

Commenting on these numbers, Energy UK Chief Executive Lawrence Slade said: “It is fantastic to see customers shopping around over the summer months when energy bills are the last thing on the minds of most people. More than 40 suppliers are offering some great deals especially for those who haven’t switched for several years and could potentially save hundreds of pounds.”

Adding further commentary, Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark noted: “Government action means the market is more competitive than ever, and these figures show that even more bill-payers are reaping the benefits by switching and saving up to £300. We need to keep working to continue to drive down energy bills for hard working families and businesses by continuing to reform the energy market so it really works for consumers.”

Sourcing better deals

In other words, with the UK’s energy market becoming increasingly competitive, British consumers are finding better energy deals. Small businesses can reap strong savings by switching to specialist energy suppliers, who can provide bespoke services.


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