On the 19th May it was Global Cycle to work day and what lovely weather it is at the moment to be cycling to our head office in Manchester.

Here at Verastar we all say we’re going to do it every year, stop being so sedentary, get more active, start being a little bit more health conscious and take better care of the environment. Then January 2nd comes. No reason to let those New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside, sure it’s May, but the New Year includes the WHOLE YEAR. With the weather turning warmer and the rains starting to abate, maybe it’s time to start acting on that whole ‘less sedentary’ thing. Even better, hit all those resolutions in one stroke! Bike to Work day reminds you that just by changing your way of getting to work, you can accomplish all the goals you wanted to.

Mark Newman – Part of our System Development Team at our Manchester Head Office tells us why he has chosen to bike to work on a daily basis.

“The main reason I cycle is to keep fit and cycling is just my main commuting method to work. I get fitter as a bonus. It’s totally flexible in that I am not bound by traffic levels or timetables. I am not adding to the carbon footprint of course and as a result of not using a car, I am saving money on fuel costs and wear and tear. I also live not too far away, which means I don’t need to put much effort into the journey and arrive all hot and sticky – however, it is more uphill on the way home! On top of that, I love cycling and the whole idea of being able to get somewhere under my own power. “

Verastar are always advocating decreasing the imprint we have on the carbon footprint. Therefore, as a company we are hoping to be part of the Cycle to Work Scheme very soon. Hopefully a few more of us will adopt Mark’s attitude now the weather is getting brighter and warmer. Get pedaling!