National Receptionists’ Day was first launched in 1991 to celebrate the role of professional receptionists.

The purpose of National Receptionists’ Day is to:

  • Foster a recognition of the importance of the receptionist’s role. They are usually the first person a customer or client meets when they visit a company.
  • Promote pride and professionalism amongst receptionists for the important role they play within an organisation.

Verastar want to recognise and appreciate all the things that our receptionists do for our organisation and to introduce you to the friendly faces that man our front desks here at Verastar. Here’s what they had to say –

What is your career history?


I have worked for Verastar for 10 years this September, I started when I was 18 and this was my first job as a receptionist. After completing my first year at college studying Health & Social care I wanted to financially support myself and work full-time. I always wanted to work for a successful company and when I was given the position I couldn’t wait to complete training, sit at my desk and feel like an independent woman.


Since leaving school I studied beauty therapy at college and worked part time in retail. I started working at Verastar in January 2016 as I wanted to develop my skills and try something new.

A day in the life of a Verastar Receptionist


Much of a typical day for me & Katie would be spent answering and making calls along with carrying out general admin tasks. In particular, we have a responsibility for requisitions which involves sending stock each week to all of our regional offices. The day will usually follow the same routine as interviews arrive, clients show up for meetings and packages are delivered we are constantly on the go. We generally survive on Latte’s and try to diet every week but fail miserably when people give us treats. The main culprits of this are Carol O & Dwayne W. We love to hide Terry the postman’s scanner and sing songs with Matt the Cleaner.

What is the hardest part of your job and have there been any challenging moments?


The job can be very demanding, we get requests from all departments throughout the organisation and reception can be extremely busy. Between greeting guests to the phones ringing, stock being delivered and completing requisitions we try our best to multi-task. Communication is key between myself and Katie and it’s important that we are both aware of what needs to be done to keep reception running smoothly. Although we do similar tasks each day things always pop up which does challenge us at times.

What is the part of your job that you find most enjoyable?


We work in a small team alongside Carol and Rachel in the post room and amongst the madness we have some funny moments. We also enjoy meeting new people as we never know who might walk through the door.

What skills would you say you have learned since being with Verastar?


Verastar has taught me a lot as I have basically grew up here, I think I’ve definitely become more confident over the years which has also helped me outside of work. I have learned how to speak to people at all levels and I think I am quite good at reading people and adapting to situations.


I have learned how to interact with different people and prioritise my work.

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