Most companies have an IT team, their job responsibilities are key for keeping the company running smoothly. At Verastar we think a well-trained IT team is a company’s secret weapon!

In companies, big and small, they’re responsible for maintaining basically everything that plugs in — computers, servers, printers, phones and beyond. No pressure, right?

When something breaks or a virus strikes, it’s their job to fix it and fast. When it’s time to switch to new hardware or software, it’s their job to find it, install it and train every employee on it. And that’s only scratching the surface.

We think we have a great IT Team here at Verastar, who, to be honest we’d be lost without! With it being System Administrator Appreciation Day (28th July)  we felt that it was a good idea to ask them about their experiences here.

So, meet our fabulous IT Team ( with a few exceptions, as a few lucky people happen to be on a summer holiday!) :

Paul Redford, Matthew Ball, Michael Swinden, Curtis Patrick, Johnathan Robertson, and Paul Leader

1.What are the main actions on a weekly basis for the IT team at Verastar?

Paul R:

We support the need of the business, and ensure the smooth running of IT systems that ensure people can do their job in an efficient and time profitable way.

Matt B:

Dealing with user’s requests, make sure servers, phone systems pcs are running every day.


Acting as a second point of contact and escalation for IT issues.


Supporting the business with any, and all IT issues.


To support the business with any IT related issues via the telephone and through the Fresh Desk system.

Paul L:

The Infrastructure Department is split into two, area or responsibility:

IT Server Desk – this team deals with any day to day network related issues that end users may experience

IT Infrastructure – this team deals with any infrastructure related issues as well as infrastructure project that are either dictated by the direction in which the business wants to go or project that will keep the infrastructure growth ahead of the business growth.

2.What inspires you to succeed every day?

Paul R:

The knowledge that I can make a significant difference to helping people solve their IT problems as quickly as possible.


Dream big. Knowing I am passing on the knowledge to help users with these issues.


Upholding the good reputation of the IT department.


Improving and growing the IT infrastructure with new technologies


Knowing that the Infrastructure needs to be improved to accommodate the fast growth of the business.

Paul L:

My children.

3.What is the most meaningful part of your job?

Paul R:

Working as part of a great team while helping all our customers learn new IT skills.


Helping people; users/customers as well as my colleagues.

Paul L:

(a)          Interaction with people

(b)          Achieving a successful result be it with issue resolutions or project implementations

4.When do you have the most fun at work?

Paul R:

Usually on a Friday afternoon (unless there’s a crisis)

5.Are there any projects you’d really like to work on if you were given the opportunity?

Bringing the regional offices onto the MPLS and the internal phone system. It would be great to be able to work with some off our other branches helping them work smarter such as our Hamilton branch.

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