National Apprenticeship Week is celebrating its 15th annual week-long celebration of UK apprentices.

The theme for this year is ‘Build the Future’, a week dedicated to reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals develop vital knowledge and skills to support them onto a successful career path.

The aim of National Apprenticeship Week is to bring together businesses and apprentices, acknowledging the positive impact apprenticeships have on both individuals and businesses alike.

We were delighted to have enrolled 19 colleagues onto apprenticeship courses last year, across various fields from HR and Technology to Marketing and Learning & Development.

Nadia Macdonald is a member of our HR team supporting our apprentices and strongly believes in providing opportunities for colleagues to grow within the organisation.

“We want to give our colleagues the opportunity to grow with us. If they are passionate about their job role and there is an apprenticeship available that suits them, then we will do what we can to support through additional learning”

“I also think it’s important for wellbeing, learning whilst on the job not only enhances skills but also makes work more enjoyable, which is beneficial for both our colleagues and the business as productivity grows.

“We currently offer a range of apprenticeships to suit our colleagues wherever possible, from CICM in Credit Management to Degree Apprenticeships in Digital Marketing, but if a colleague finds a course that is beneficial to their job role, we’re more than happy to fund and support them where we can.”

At Verastar, learning on the job is a huge part of our culture. Earning a qualification whilst working is a fantastic opportunity for colleagues and a major benefit for our business.

We’re thankful to be in a position to support our colleagues to become more confident in their work and studies as they progress their career with us.