In our ‘20 years of Verastar series’, there’s a common theme – Verastar is all about the people.

‘People’ were quoted by our CEO Chris Earle as one of the reasons for our success over the last two decades ‘people working hard to achieve success’. And ‘our people’ were quoted multiple times as being the best thing about working for the business in our look back through 20 years of Verastar colleagues – Part 1. So to continue the trend, here’s a bit more about our colleagues…

Over the last 20 years, Verastar has not only built a successful business with a unique offering for our valued customers, it has also had a positive influence on many of our colleagues’ personal lives – resulting in Verastar Families. As a business, we are proud to have played a small part in these happy stories and wish all our past, present and future Verastar Families the very best.

It’s not just about these families that Verastar has had an influence on, as one of our longest-standing members eloquently puts:

“What is Verastar to me? To me, it’s the people.

The customers are the people that trust you with their business and their livelihood.  The people without whom we wouldn’t be working here today.

The Verastar team are the people you work with and laugh with, the people you argue with, cry with and sometimes sing with (badly). The people you turn to when times get tough and support you when you need help. The people who celebrate with you through triumph and success. The people you spend so much time with.

Over the years I’ve seen many things change and people come and people go.  I’ve built some lifelong friendships at Verastar and if you’re lucky like me, you’ve surrounded yourself with some amazing, kind and exceptionally talented people, people who aren’t just work colleagues, they’re more than that. To me, they’re family. My Verastar family.”

Emma Baker, Head of Customer Insight

Come and join the family! Verastar is recruiting – take a look at our Careers page to find your next opportunity and help us shape the next 20 years.