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What is the customer journey rotation?

The first 6 months of your programme is focused on getting a real understanding of the ‘customer journey’, from how we sell and set up customers all the way through to how we encourage customers to pay outstanding invoices. This time will be spent predominately within a busy call centre to give you a strong grounding into our core activities.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the key departments you’ll be spending time with;


New Service Enablement; this is where many of our customer’s services will be ‘switched on’, you’ll learn about our core product areas, how we activate services and process customer orders.

Customer Services; this is often the first port of call for any queries or issues the customer may experience once a service is ‘live’. You’ll gain experience of how we resolve issues, including basic billing enquires and fault diagnosis.

Retentions; this team helps resolve issues relating to contractual disputes and cancellation requests, looking to keep our customers with us for the future.

Escalations; your time with this team is invaluable in discovering more about the issues that can’t be easily resolved first time and need more investigation.

Customer Resolution; this team is the stage where a customer has a complicated issue that is causing them dissatisfaction and has persisted for some time. You’ll see how we resolve these issues and even how we liaise with our industry regulators, such as Ofcom.

Credit Control; our credit control team works with customers that may have failed to pay invoices, therefore you’ll be getting insight into how we negotiate with our customers following a clear step-by-step process.

Renewals; once the customer is nearing the end of their contract with us this team will look to agree a new contract with them to reward their loyalty and ensure they are getting the best possible deal.

Special Projects; this team looks to launch new initiatives and developments into our customer facing teams dealing with all sorts of improvement activity. You’ll be able to really apply you’re learning from other teams and understand how we make key changes to what we do.

Administration Teams; there are a variety of teams that provide administrative services to customer facing teams, you’ll be able to spend time with them to gain exposure to essential activities such as how we contact our customers and make changes to their accounts.

Business rotations

You will spend the second 6 months of this programme working within 2 Business Support teams, called your Business Rotations. You will have the opportunity to select which teams fall part of your Business Rotations as part of the recruitment and induction process.

We’ll work with you to select your Business Rotation during your first 3 months with us to ensure we match you and your skills to the most appropriate team which will allow you to get the most out of your time during this Rotation.

You will also be permanently aligned to one of these teams after you successfully complete this 12-month programme, further details on this are set out under Tailored Career Opportunities.

You’ll start to develop specialised skills in these areas that will equip you for future roles. The following teams are available as part of your Business Rotation:


New Service Enablement: our customers want to access our next generation services as quickly as possible to access the savings and service we offer, this team makes our promise into a reality for the customer connecting them to their chosen service.

Compliance: this team offers a varied insight into all areas of Verastar’s operation and ensures the business meets its regulatory obligations to some well-known industry regulators, such as Ofcom, Ofwat, WICS and Ofgem.

Product Operations: we all want the things we buy to live up to our expectations. This team ensures our customers have smooth running services and liaises with many of our suppliers to ensure we can deliver outstanding services.

Management Information: this team produces vital insight for key business decision making at all levels, taking data from our key systems and bringing it alive to paint a picture of real performance.

Commercial: much more than just selecting our products and prices, this team ensures our offering to customers meets the requirements of small business owners whilst at the same time delivering the returns that enable our business to grow.

Projects: Verastar is a story of continual growth and the Projects team are at the leading edge of ensuring change happens in an effective way, whilst ensuring all departments are aligned to get maximum results.

Marketing: our customers are the most important ingredient to our success so the way we communicate with them and look to attract new ones is key. This team creates compelling messages that ignite customer interest.

Business Analysis: this team helps translate the everyday realities of our successful operation into a roadmap for change and development on which other teams can act.

Learning and Development: people make our business what it is and their development is crucial whether someone is brand new to the business or looking to take a step up. This team helps people realise their ambitions and provide the skills needed to succeed.

Project Work

Throughout your 12-month programme you will be required to undertake up to 3 key projects. These projects will give you the opportunity to work with senior stakeholders across the business including Directors, along with your fellow Graduates on programme.

These projects are an essential part of this programme giving you the opportunity to develop your skills in areas like: project management, time management, managing stakeholders, and team working.

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Graduate Programme Recruitment Process

The Verastar Graduate Programme Recruitment Process aims to create a positive recruitment and selection experience for everyone involved.

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