UK-based small to medium sized-enterprises (SMEs) which sell products on eBay have called on the government to introduce more effective broadband and mobile infrastructure.

Code of Practise

In January 2016, internet services providers (ISPs) across the UK signed up to Ofcom’s new code of practise. This requires ISPs to provide customers with more accurate information on broadband speeds. Speaking at the time, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Policy Director Mike Cherry noted: “A dependable broadband connection is essential for almost every aspect of modern business life.”

“To plan effectively, firms need accurate information on what speeds they can expect, and how much this will vary. Business owners should be able to easily compare suppliers and exit a contract early if their communications provider does not deliver the speeds promised.” Effective broadband is particularly vital to companies which sell products and services online. According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK’s e-commerce sector generated £573bn in sales in 2015.

Vital business tools

Many UK-based SMEs sell products via eBay, through which these companies can access a comprehensive platform which allows them to operate more efficiently. Technology portal Computer Weekly reports that a recent YouGov survey of British eBay SME sellers showed that effective broadband and mobile infrastructure is vital to their success.

YouGov found that 63% of those surveyed are dissatisfied with the state of UK broadband services. Over half of respondents argued that Whitehall is not doing enough to aid SMEs by improving wireless and wired internet access. A similar number of those questioned believe that publicly-available Wi-Fi services need to be improved, in order to allow them to implement flexible working more effectively.

YouGov also found that two thirds of those surveyed believe that their mobile-based sales will increase throughout 2016. A third of respondents said that mobile would be essential to their expansion, with 20% expecting to register a top line sales rise as high as 30%. Yet 38% of UK-based SME sellers questioned expressed the belief that they are being held back by inadequate 3G and 4G coverage.

Critical to shopping experience  

One of the companies questioned by YouGov was Clara Olivia, a clothing business based in Surrey. The company’s Managing Director, Andrew Grant, noted that mobile now delivers 50% of his business, so, staying ahead of the curve technologically speaking is essential. Elaborating, he said:

“We’re building a mobile friendly business homepage to drive sales and trigger further growth having noticed our regular eBay customers are increasingly purchasing on their mobile phone or tablet, we’ve taken steps to recognise this trend as part of the wider businesses strategy as it is critical to the shopping experience of our consumers.”

Invest in infrastructure

Technologies such as broadband and mobile are now essential for small businesses, especially critical to e-commerce SMEs, as they allow these companies to access platforms such as eBay, without which their businesses would not exist. It is key that SME e-commerce companies can access first-rate broadband and mobile infrastructure, so they can sell products to consumers online. kinex, a brand operated by Verastar provides the effective mobile packages and outstanding broadband services UK-based SMEs require to succeed online.


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